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Join us in making Startup Week an unforgettable experience for entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers! As an individual microdonor, you have the power to shape the future of innovation in Buffalo by contributing anywhere from $5 to $500, according to your means and generosity. Your support will help us create an inclusive and inspiring event that benefits everyone involved. Together, let’s fuel innovation, drive success, and build a thriving startup ecosystem. Be a part of something remarkable – become a microdonor today!

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What is a Micro Donor?

A micro donor embodies the belief that even the smallest contributions can yield substantial impacts. These individuals recognize that collective support, ranging from humble $5 contributions to more generous donations of up to $500, can be a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship. By becoming a micro donor, you join a community of visionaries who understand that their combined contributions can turn dreams into reality, helping us organize a fantastic week of programming and fueling the aspirations and educations of emerging startups and entrepreneurs.

Why Support Buffalo Startup Week?

Supporting Buffalo Startup Week means championing a cause led by BootSector, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to fostering local economic growth and innovation. Your contributions go beyond mere financial support; they become a cornerstone for the initiatives orchestrated by a passionate team dedicated to the betterment of our community. Buffalo Startup Week, driven by BootSector, embodies our shared vision for a thriving startup ecosystem and empowers emerging entrepreneurs while positioning Buffalo as a vibrant hub for innovation. By supporting this event, you’re investing directly in the future of our city.